Tire tips for safe driving

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Whether you are planning a long road trip or use your car everyday it is important to be aware of your tires’ condition as well as some of the factors that can affect your tires’ health and performance. Here are a few tips to help keep your tires in tip top shape for safe driving.

Seasonal Considerations

Many drivers do not realize that during the summer the road’s surface gets extremely hot. This actually causes your tires’ air pressure to build up. You want to be cautious when inflating your tires as you can then have your tires over inflate as you drive on the hot pavement. If you check your tires and they seem slightly under inflated in the morning, remember the heat of the day will increase the tire pressure. Telling a Canadian it gets slippery in the winter is a little unnecessary, but just reminding you to be ahead of the game and arrange for your all weather tires or winter tires to be installed around November will keep you safe in case of unexpected snow or ice.

Puncture Repair Kit

If you travel to and from work every day keep in mind a tire puncture can happen at any time. There are some very effective puncture repair kits that come in a can allowing you to fill the tire with a sealant that begins to seal the tire as you drive. This comes in handy and works easier than having to change the tire on the side of the road.

Vehicle Overload

The proverbial summer road trip often includes a lot of gear, luggage and passengers you don’t usually worry about. Keep in mind that overloading your car will add to heat on the tires which can lead to serious accidents. If your car looks a little low before heading out see if you can offload anything to keep it a little safer.

Inspect Your Tires

It never hurts to give your tires a once over every once in a while. Check for:

•    Objects wedged in the grooves

•    Gouges, cuts or bulges especially around the rims

•    Noticeably smooth or uneven spots

Any of these issues should be dealt with sooner than later and smooth tires mean you need new tires.

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