Roadside safety tips for drivers

Roadside Vehicle safety

When you are out on the road anything can happen – Unexpected flat tires, overheating and any number of other breakdowns. It is important to have some basic roadside safety knowledge as well as be prepared for breakdowns or flats.

Be prepared

Keeping some emergency and basic car care items in your car is a good idea in case of a breakdown. In fact, to be safe in the winter you should keep items inside the passenger section of the car. It is easy to get stranded in winter weather. Items you should have for emergencies include:

•    Spare tire

•    Lug wrench

•    Car jack

•    Water

•    Cell Phone (always travel with a charger)

•    Jumper Cables

•    Flashlight (although your cell phone probably has a pretty good one)

•    Flares or reflective triangles

•    Emergency food supply (Power bars or something with a long shelf life)

•    Thermal blankets

•    Gloves and hat

•    Ice Scraper and shovel

•    First aid kit

•    Life Hammer (To escape a car in water)

•    Tire repair

Flat tires and breakdowns

In case of a flat or breakdown pull over safely. If it is does not appear safe, i.e. not enough room on the shoulder, drive slowly and keep your hazards on. It is important to find somewhere to pull over so you are not blocking traffic. This will place you in danger of being side swiped or rear ended and pushed into traffic.

Engine Overheating

The biggest mistake people make when their car overheats is to try to open the radiator cap and add water. You will experience a serious burn if you do so. Your best bet is to pull over, pop the lid and give your engine time to cool a bit. You can then add water slowly while the engine is running in park or neutral.

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