Five reasons to have regular oil changes for your car

Oil Changes

Every part of your car works together to keep it moving effectively and safely. One of the most vital aspects of your car’s function is the oil. Oil provides the lubricant required to keep the parts moving without causing damage due to friction. Oil changes help keep oil clean and effective and maintaining your car’s oil is important to avoiding the following five issues:

1.    Friction: The less oil changes you have, the more friction you are placing on the parts of your engine. The more friction you place on your engine the more irreparable damage you are placing on your engine’s parts. The longer the friction is allowed to continue the more likely it is you will require costly repairs and replacements for the parts of your engine. In fact, many people drive until they completely blow their engines and never really understand why it happens.

2.    Viscosity: Oil will begin to degrade while you drive. As oil degrades it becomes less effective which can lead to issues. As oil gets older it loses its viscosity which means it is thickening and becoming “sludgy”. The thicker the oil the less effective it becomes.

3.    Oil Levels: Oil changes will also replace any oil that has been burned away while you drive. As you probably know your oil can be checked with the dipstick that shows the oil levels. Driving with the incorrect level of oil leads to issues with your motor.

4.    Oil Analysis: The older the oil is in your car the more chance there is that you are driving with flecks of metal in your oil due to friction. These flecks can cause further damage to your engine as you drive. You can actually have an oil analysis done that will show how much damage is being done to your engine by detecting things such as metal bits or traces of coolant which will indicate you have a leak elsewhere.

5.    Burning Oil: Low oil levels can mean there are a number of potential issues such as oil leaking into other areas of the car or your car engine burning oil. Oil changes will identify such issues before they are allowed to do too much damage.

These are just five reasons to have your oil changed regularly. At Double B Automotive they recommend you have synthetic oil changed every 8,000 kilometers and regular oil changed every 5,000 kilometers. Visit or call 519-767-3252 to schedule an appointment with their expert mechanics. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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