Five reasons to inspect a used car before you buy

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Buying a car can be as emotional as buying a house. Different people will have different needs and when buying a used car it becomes more difficult to meet those needs. That is why it is very common for people to buy with their hearts and not their heads when investing in a used car. If you are looking to buy a used car here are five reasons you should have your car inspected before you sign on the dotted line:

1.    Make and Model Blindness: Many people are under the assumption that certain makes and models of cars are invincible. They want a car so badly they decide that they know enough about the brand to know it lasts long and is known for its stellar reputation. Ask any mechanic and they will tell you you can’t judge a car by its make and model. No matter what you have heard about a car it is not specific to the conditions under which it was driven or the care it received. Even cars with limited mileage can cause problems if the car was not cared for or driven properly.

2.    What Lies Beneath: There are so many cosmetic details that can be corrected that you can never, ever judge a car by its exterior. Even the worst body damage can be covered by a good body shop. But far worse is the fact a car can look perfectly flawless but have multitudes of issues. Even a new undercoat can make a car look like new. You will never know what condition a car is really in without a test drive and an inspection.

3.    Foreseeable Problems: Even if you opt for a test drive and decide it feels good while you are driving, you still want to get the car inspected. You don’t have to watch Judge Judy to know that even the smoothest of rides can result in disaster just a few days or even hours later. An inspection can check the car out for issues as well as issues that are likely to occur in the near future.

4.    Odometer Fraud: It seems like a terribly dishonest thing to do and therefore not something that could possibly happen to you, but odometer fraud is very common. In fact 1 in 10 used cars have had odometer tampering. The only way to discover the discrepancy is to either check the car maintenance or have the odometer checked by a mechanic.

5.    Dealer Inspection: Most used car dealers will provide you with a record of a very detailed inspection. However, it is within your right and highly recommended you still have a used car inspection carried out by an independent mechanic to ensure what they say works, works. Ask for a car proof as well to identify any glaring issues with the car’s history.

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