Proper management of your car’s fluids

Vehicle Fluids

There are many fluids that contribute to the function of your car. In order to allow your car to perform at its optimum level there are several fluids that should be checked and changed on a regular basis. Here is a list of the main fluids:

Transmission Fluid

Much can go wrong with your transmission without clean transmission fluid. Metal particles can contaminate your transmission fluid which will increase the amount of wear and tear. This is the most common issue with manual transmission. This is also common in automatic transmission however automatic transmission fluid can actually degrade as it heats up causing the fluid to break down. Being on top of your transmission fluid is important as repairs and transmission replacement is very expensive. You can arrange for a transmission fluid replacement every 16,000 kms or so.

Engine Oil

Without oil your engine will be prone to worse wear and tear and a completely dry engine can lead to engine failure. Luckily most drivers do know to keep an eye on their car’s engine oil levels and add oil as required. However checking the dip stick for the levels and recognizing when your oil needs a complete change is very different. An oil change is recommended every 5,000 kms or so where a mechanic will drain it and then replace it with brand new oil.


Coolant is responsible for keeping your engine from overheating. Never check your coolant levels when your car is hot as you can be injured with burns. Adding coolant when your car is overheating can also be dangerous. You can check the coolant reservoir to see the level of coolant and if it is below the proper level you can add anti-freeze. Be certain to check the instructions as some require a mix of water and antifreeze. A mechanic can also check and add coolant as required.

Brake and Steering Fluid

You actually only use brake and steering fluids when you car is having issues. You can have them checked every 3 months or so just to be safe.

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