What your car might be trying to tell you

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Cars have their own way of telling you when something is wrong. From vibrations to howling sounds, recognizing the warning signs will help you understand what your car might be trying to tell you.

Screeching Sound

If you hear a screeching sound when you brake this usually signifies you need new brake pads. Your mechanic can take a look and will probably recommend you replace the brake rotors or  install new brake pads.

Grinding Sound    

Your brakes may also make a grinding sound when you brake which can mean you need new brake pads and rotors, but can also be a result of an even more dangerous issue with the calipers or pistons. Your mechanic will be able to determine the issue and decide what is required. The sooner you check it out the less money it will cost as this type of issue can lead to complete brake failure if not taken care of soon enough.

Rattling, Rumbling or Sputtering

Your exhaust is likely to be the cause of these sounds. It can be due to a hole in your exhaust and can also be more troublesome such as issues with your catalytic converter. Again you will want to get this checked out as soon as possible as issues with your catalytic converter can interfere with passing your emissions test. Exhaust issues can vary from an easy reattachment of a lose pipe or more complicated with the need for a replacement.

Chirping or Squealing

This can be one of those embarrassing sounds you are glad is not coming from your car. But when it is, you want to have it checked as this is a sign your drive belt needs to be replaced. Your drive belt is an inexpensive repair you should take care of right away. If not you may wind up with far more costly issues including issues with power steering, cooling systems or your charging system.

Roaring, Growling or Humming

These sounds all mean you are way behind on your tire maintenance. You may need new tires or wheel bearings. You can tell which is which if you notice the sound changes when you change lanes. If the sound changes when turning or changing lanes it is probably the wheel bearings.

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