The importance of routine car maintenance

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Routine car maintenance not only keeps your car driving more efficiently it can also help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. Here are some of the car maintenance appointments you should be taking care of regularly to avoid costly breakdowns.

Air filter changes

Your air filters have to be changed because as they get older they can restrict air flow. It is hard to be specific as to how often you should change them as how and where you drive will dictate how dirty your filters will get. It is probably best to aim to change them every 20,000 to 25,000 kilometers or so. Your mechanic can provide advice on the best schedule for your driving habits and vehicle.

Tire check

Your car is being carried by your tires meaning they play an important role in your car’s overall performance. There are far worse things that can happen to your tires than a flat. Regular tire checks will allow your mechanic to look for issues such as under-inflation which can make stopping suddenly unsafe. They will look for wear and tear, check the alignment and also address balance issues. A good time to arrange for tire checks is first in mid-October and then again in mid-May so your car is prepared for the change of seasons.

Brake failure

It is hard to ignore the importance of your brakes. There are many safety features in more modern cars but they should still undergo regular maintenance checks to avoid break failure. In the case of older models it is very important to have regular brake checks and always seek help if you notice any operational issues with your brakes. Issues such as overheating are common in old models that have drum braking systems. Your mechanic can advise you of how often you should arrange for your brake maintenance.

Suspension and steering

Your suspension and steering make maneuvering your car easy. Suspension keeps your car’s tires in proper contact with the road and your steering allows you to avoid dangerous situations as well as making safe lane changes and parking. This is key to safe driving and you should have your steering and suspension looked at every 10,000-15,000 kilometers.

Oil changes and other fluids

There are a number of fluids that keep your car running smoothly. Most people are aware of the need for regular oil changes and having it done every three months is advised. You should also be aware of other fluids such as coolant, wiper fluid and anti-freeze.

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