Regular maintenance tips to get the most out of your tires

Filling Car Tires

There are many aspects of your tires that require regular attention to keep you safe and help them to last longer. Here is a check list of the tire maintenance you need to get the most out of your tires.

•    Air pressure: Air pressure is important as under inflated tires will wear more quickly. You can actually loose control of your car more easily which can lead to accidents. Use your user’s manual to find the proper pressure for your car or check with your mechanic.

•    Tire alignment: Everyday occurrences such as running up on a curb can throw off your tire alignment. Regular checks every 8,000 kms or so will help you keep your alignment perfect and help your car handle more effectively.

•    Tire rotation: Tire rotation is key to helping your tires last longer. Rotation will allow your tires to wear more evenly as your car requires support differently depending on the area of the car and how the weight is distributed. Tire rotations will extend the life of your tires as the wear and tear will occur more evenly. Your mechanic may notice further issues during a rotation such as alignment or balance and can take care of these issues at the same time.

•    Tire treads: With the potential for uneven wear and wear and tear in general you want to take a look at your tires every once in while. Look for high and low areas and be on the look out for smooth areas where the treads are completely worn. Treads are important as they help your tires grip the road in wet or snowy weather. Signs your tires have lost their treads is a sign you need new tires.

•    Punctures: If it appears you may have a tire puncture, speak to your mechanic as soon as possible. Slow leaks are dangerous because they affect your tire pressure. It’s not a bad idea to keep a tire repair kit in your car in case of emergencies, but then have your mechanic check the tire right away.

•    Safe Driving: Believe it or not driving safely will actually contribute to the life of your tires. Pay attention to the road and avoid pot holes, curbs and sudden stops. An increase in speed too suddenly can also affect the wear of your tires. Follow the rules and reap the rewards with longer life on your tires.

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