Recommended maintenance checks for your car’s safety

Vehicle Maintenance

If you depend on your car everyday to get you to and from work as well as to transport your family to events, practices and school you want to know it is running perfectly. You want to be safe on the roads so you know you will be able to react in emergencies and get from point A to point B without any issues. In order to do so you need to be certain you are providing regular maintenance checks for your car throughout the year. Here are the maintenance checks you should schedule with your mechanic each year.

Winter Maintenance

During the cold weather your main concerns are:

•    Tires: You want to be certain your tires are in perfect condition and that you have all season or winter tires installed in late October so you are ready to face the weather no matter what it throws your way. Your mechanic can switch up your tires as well as ensure they are still good for another cold season ahead.

•    Anti-Freeze: Winter maintenance will also include a check of your anti-freeze to be certain your engine block does not freeze. Your mechanic will know the proper amount required in your area.

•    Visibility: Winter weather can throw just about anything at your windshield imaginable. You need to be certain you have perfect visibility and a check of your wiper blades is as important as a check to your tires. Your mechanic can check for signs of wear and cracking and can replace your blades with all season or winter wiper blades to be safe. They can also top up your wiper fluid with non-freezing product that will keep your windshield clear when it is slushy and salty on the roads.

•    Oil Check: Oil checks during the winter are important as you want to be certain it has the proper viscosity for cold weather.

•    Battery: It just takes one cold evening to be stranded with a dead battery to teach you the importance of battery repair. The last but not least item on your winter check is your battery and your mechanic will check load test your battery and check that its strength is within specifications.

Summer Maintenance

During the summer you want to check those tires again as well as your oil for warmer weather.

•    Oil: Your oil should be changed every 5,000 km but even if you haven’t reached this mark come summer, check it just in case especially if you are planning a road trip.

•    Tires: Have your winter tires removed and your tires checked for signs of wear.

•    Coolant System: The most important thing during the summer is your coolant system. Have your mechanic check for signs of cracks or tears in the belts and hoses and see if the belts need to be replaced. Coolant fluid may need replacing or topping up as well.

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