Customer testimonials say it all about Double B Automotive in Guelph

Happy Auto Repair Customers

Double B Automotive in Guelph can lay claim to some serious bragging rights when it comes to satisfied customers.

When Double B Automotive opened in 2005, owners Karli and Brad Busch committed themselves to making Double B the best automotive service facility in the region – and it looks like they’ve succeeded, going well beyond their own expectations.

Having won Gold in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 for being the best Auto Service Centre in Guelph, Double B continues to earn accolades from loyal, happy customers. Just look at some of the wonderful customer testimonials.

Shane Fernandes has used Double B since moving to the area five years ago. Shane calls the team “exceptional” and has been impressed with the “great workmanship” and the way an “honest and technically sound assessment” is made every time. Shane goes on to say that Double B takes the time to go “beyond the cost and treat you more than just a customer, they are a family oriented business and they treat you as such.” Shane finds the business friendly from the moment he makes an appointment to the time he drives away. Shane applauds Double B Automotive for going “above and beyond every single time.”

Patti Duguid (that’s pronounced, “do-good”) has been going to Double B for years, which includes Double B’s previous location. Patti finds staff “very helpful and approachable” and “very upfront” in their efforts to save customers money whenever possible. Patti says it best when she says the “entire staff is fantastic, service is prompt” and that Double B is “very accommodating” because they’ll go out of their way to help when help is needed. Something else that impresses Patti is that Double B Automotive is a community-minded business — Double B has run fundraisers, barbecues, bake sales and more.

Kathy McFayden raves that she has had “outstanding experiences with Double B Automotive” and that she would “recommend them to anyone.” Kathy stands by her words — she has recommended Double B to family and friends numerous times. Kathy says the people at Double B are “extremely professional, friendly,” and that she “absolutely trust[s] them.” Kathy praises (owner) Brad and his evaluations of vehicles, adding that Brad has never let her down. Kathy shares an episode about how her vehicle once had a dead battery and Brad drove to her house and jump-started her car so that she could make the drive to Double B for him to make repairs. Now that’s service!

Double B Automotive is grateful to these and all other customers for their support over the years. Double B is committed to providing customers with top-quality automotive products and a full range of auto services.

Contact Double B Automotive by calling 519-767-3252. Double B Automotive is located at 15 Alma Street South (at the corner of Alma and Inkerman) in Guelph.

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