Double B Automotive has been in business for over 10 years!
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Double B automotive is your one stop automotive facility where you can have your routine maintenance, auto repairs and computer diagnostics performed by skilled licenced technicians.

            • Full service Lube oil filter in Guelph – After 5 your 6th is FREE!
            • Cooling system flush in Guelph
            • Transmission service in Guelph
            • Differential fluid change in Guelph
            • Steering and suspension in Guelph
            • Brakes in Guelph
            • Tires in Guelph
            • Exhaust in Guelph
            • …everything under the hood and from bumper to bumper
Don’t forget that routine maintenance performed by licenced technicians will keep your vehicle operating safely and efficiently helping to reduce the ‘surprise’ large repair bills.  When you have your vehicle inspected every 3 months (lube oil filter) you will be kept informed about wearing parts, further maintenance and potential future repairs.   This will allow you time to plan and budget.  We don’t like surprises either!

Click here for information and tips to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly and help avoid those outrageous car repair bills!






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